Fil Strati

May 3, 2022
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Why did we start Tech Seek? We found that for business owners to have access to a consistent and loyal technician, they’d have to employ someone in-house or be locked into a managed services contract. How is Tech Seek different? • Our memberships start from just $160 per month and give business owners access to an hour of IT support from a tech they can rely on and who is committed to their business. • There will be some months that you simply won’t need us. That’s why we allow any accumulated hours to be rolled over if unused! • If and when something does go wrong, we’ll be able to come out and get you back online without impacting your cash flow for that month. Our clients call it their rainy-day savings account. Why should small business owners use Tech Seek? Would you change your Accountant each time your BAS was due or service your car with a new Mechanic each time?  Why should your IT provider be any different?


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